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S.D.S.M. School for Excellence (Sukh Deo Singh Memorial) which was established by a great visionary Late S.D. Singh the then founder Chairman in April 1996 is managed by a registered trust, S. D. Singh Memorial Educational Foundation with the support of Tata Steel.
The School has now around 2,700 students and over 90 faculty members. It has its own campus and buildings comprising of 62 classrooms, besides the three storied administration block comprising of library, auditorium and a spacious play-field. In terms of infrastructure, the school is sufficiently rich – more so in technological equipments. Presently, the school stands affiliated up to +2 stage to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi.

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At micro level, the School envisions excellence in education to empower the learners to have direct access to the commonwealth of knowledge; develop living skills; and imbibe values for self-development, social cohesion, national integration, man-nature dualism, man-technology interface, and spiritual foundation.


Every child is born with a message for the society. Each child has everything within himself – energy in his body, light in his eyes, dream in his head, and enthusiasm in his heart. Education has to help him to be Great and equally Good; and to be a Winner – not only in the examination but also in life.


For excellence in education as also in life, the School cherishes creative assimilation of human values, social values, technological values, ecological values, and spiritual values embedded on a broad canvass of non-violence to optimise material progress and human well-being with self-identity.

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